Men of Mystery # 87


Check out another heaping helping of rare comic book history in the latest installment of the most important Golden Age reprint anthology ever produced; Men of Mystery #87!
You’ll start off with a never-before-reprinted adventure of the original Fox Features BLUE BEETLE in a story drawn by the underrated Sam Cooper from Big Three #2. Thrill to the dashing Beetle’s duel with the grotesque Porky Hogg! Next, BB’s Fox compatriot from Mystery Men Comics (issue #6, to be exact) The GREEN MASK swings into action to save a beautiful blonde from a gang of spies. Then, it’s a rare treat- a 16-page adventure of one of the STRANGEST costumed heroes of the Golden (or any) Age, The MAD HATTER!! Ruthles ganster Frank Faro’s mind ends up in the body of a gorilla, and it’s up to the poerty-writing ‘HATTER to bring him in, in a weird and disturbing tale drawn by the always-moody John Giunta. Then, it’s one of the few WWII costumed heroes to operate in Europe behind enemy lines, as Standard/Better/Nedor’s short-lived star of Thrilling Comics, The AMERICAN CRUSADER works to save “The Voice of Norway

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