Men of Mystery # 86


The latest action-packed issue of comicdom’s premiere Golden Age superhero reprint anthology focuses exclusively on the World War II heroes of Fawcett Comics- including two FULL ISSUE reprints featuring a pair of rare, sought-after gems from the early heydays of Fawcett’s costumed champions of justice! Appearing here in this issue, it its entirety is the very rare MINUTE MAN #1, from the Spring of 1941; currently valued at over $3000.00! A spin-off from Master Comics, the MINUTE MAN stories from this book were released before thre US entered World War II. The four untitled stories from #1 were all drawn by Charles Sultan with the help of the Chesler Shop artists. SPY SMASHER #5 is reprised here as well, with four stories drawn by the excellent Emil Gershwin- “Death Itself Must Die

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