Ms Victory Special 1


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Special one-shot that takes place early in the career of AC’s top superheroine (and Femforce team leader) Ms. (at that time, Miss ) Victory. Soon after aquiring her amazing powers in the early 1940’s, Joan Wayne donned costume and mask to fight crime. But she was a scientist, not a fighter, and super powers or not, she wasn’t very good. Taken under the wing of Dr. Kent Feral Jr, the world’s most perfect human, she will begin to learn the skills to become an effective crime-fighter. She will also develope a personal relationship with Feral that will alter the course of her life for years to come. Before the story is over, she’ll have picked uo enough to defeat Panzer, the superhuman woman and German powerhouse. Guest starring Octavia Howard, Captain Paragon, Dr. Samuel Farraday, The Black Commando and Reginald Blodgett. This untitled story is written and drawn by Billie Marimon and Rik Levins, and inked by Mark Propst. Color cover by Billie Marimon and Bill Black, interiors are black and white with graytones. 36 pages, standard comic book format