Miss Victory Golden Anniversary Special 1


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Ms. Victory, AC Comics top supercharacter and leader of the long-running Femforce superteam, is actually a continuation of comics FIRST costumed superheroine, Miss Victory. This extra thick special celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of her creation. Initially appearing in the Golden Age of comics in the Helnit(later to become Holyoke Comics) publication, Captain Fearless, she would later be revived in the ’80’s by AC as Ms. Victory. This volume reprints key stories in her history, from the 1940’s to contemporary times, starting with her very first appearance in 1941, FIVE of her very best vintage wartime adventures, including an untitled tale from Captain Fearless #2,, September of 1941, written by Alberta Tews and drawn by Charles Quinlan, “Noric, Maniac Of The Opera”, from Captain Aero #11, January of 1944, with art by Nina Albright, “Warido”, drawn by L. B. Cole, from a 1945 Captain Aero,; “Death From The Past”, from Captain Aero #17, October of 1944, and “Globe Of Death, from Captain Aero #23, August of 1945-both stories with art by Nina Albright. And, not only do you get her first modern AC story (as Ms. V.), from 1983’s Captain Paragon #1, IN COLOR, by Mark Heike and Bill Anderson, but also a brand NEW story, ferraturing Rad, Ms. Victory, her daughter Jennifer,(the new Ms. Victory) and guest starring David Burke, The Black Commando , Nathan Margold and The Terror in “Happy Anniversary”, written by Bill Black, drawn by Brad Gorby, and inked by Mark Heike and John Nadeau, also IN COLOR. But wait, there’s more- a text history- “The Evolution Of Ms. Victory”, a Golden Age cover gallery, and color full page pinups of ‘Victory in her various costumes over the years, as rendered by Mark Heike. This book chronicles the story of the one of the first (along with Phantom Lady and The Black Cat in August 1941)female costumed crimefighter in comics. A must-have for the history-minded. Color cover by Bill Black and Mark Heike, interiors are color and black and white with graytones. 68 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1991.