Nightveil #2 (1985)


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ALL COLOR!!! Little Wendy went to chuch, but she didn’t go to pray; for in this church, the cross dripped blood-and little girls were brought to slay!! A mystical premonition warns Nightveil that a group of mad cultists will attempt to sacrifice a young girl at an abandonded church, in order to summon a demon, but not even future Femforce member NV can guess that the rite WILL actually bring forth- N’Shuggoth!! “Blood Rites” is written by Steve Ringgenberg, drawn by Mark Heike, and inked by Bill Anderson. Then it’s the start of a new back-up series- fresh from his origin appearance in Americomics #6, the Sentinels Of Justice’s Scarlet Scorpion starts up his war with Vinnie Fulton’s East Coast mob in earnest. But first, he must deal with the deadly assasin known as …Nirvana. This untitled story is written and drawn by Rik Levins, and inked by Don (Damage) Hillsman. It guest stars Inspector Trent, Kuromok, and Mark Benton- The Terror. Nightveil pinup by Mark Propst. Color cover by Mark Heike and Bill Anderson, interiors are all color. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1985.