Nightveil #7


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ALL COLOR!!! One of the most pivotal stories in Femforce continuity, and the AC universe as a whole. As Nightveil returns one space case to Limbo, ( Synn, Girl From LSD, finishing off events in Femforce #6 ) another waits outside the home of Joan(Ms. Victory)Wayne- The Black Commando!! As part of the team he holds responsible for his stasis prison, he is bent on revenge- not even knowing she is Ms. V. Watching her use a chemical much like the one that gave him paranormal powers, The ‘Commando hatches an evil plan. Force-feeding the now-human and vulnerable Joan Wayne an overdose of the compound that made him unstable, The ‘Commando is gone before he realizes his actions have spawned a new personna. Coming on the scene, Nightveil finally realizes her unconscious desires freed the unhinged Black Commando, and that she is indirectly responsible for the creation of …Rad!! “The Destruction Of Ms. Victory” is written by Bill Black, drawn by Black and Robert Walker, and inked by Dell Barras. It guest stars Jennifer Wayne-Burke, Nathan Margold, Jason Burke and Captain Tom Kelly. Features the origin of Rad. Then, who killed Judge Diskin? Was it Nirvana, The Masquerader, or The Terrorist, once a superhero, now second in command to Kuromoko, the powerful crime boss? The Scarlet Scorpion fights desparately to solve the riddle while gangland armies gear up for “Terror In The Streets”, written and drawn by Rik Levins, and inked by Bill Black. Color cover by Robert Walker and John Beatty, interiors are color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1987.