Nightveil #4


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Stories by Steve Ringgenberg and Rik Levins. Art by Mark Heike, Doug Hazlewood, Rick Burchett and Erik Larsen. Painted cover by Dave Dorman. Wealthy socialite Laura Wright battled crime in her costumed identity until the interdimensional being known as Azagoth instructed her in the arcane arts, creating her new identity as Nightveil. An attack by Umbra, Voodoo Priestess brings Nightveil to a rotting New Orleans mansion, where she joins forces with The Shade to battle zombies. In the backup story, The Scarlet Scorpion is drawn into the schemes of the Asian master criminal Kuromoko. Featuring very early art by Savage Dragon creator and Image Comics mainstay Erik Larsen. Voodoo Moon; Masks. 32 pages, Full Color. Cover price $1.75.