Nightveil #5

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ALL COLOR!!! New artist (and soon to be comic creative superstar ) Erik Larsen comes on board the Nightveil strip, while she continues to grapple with life in the contemporary “real” world, and a ghost from Laura’s past resurfaces. Dan Barton, also known as The Black Commando (and Laura’s one-time fiancee) breaks out of his three decades in stasis. But she is unaware that he is still alive, and thinks back on her past, her origin, and their time together. Could her own mystical powers have figured in his escape? “Coming Out Party” is written by Bill Black, drawn by Erik Larsen and inked by Bill Black and Bill Anderson. Guest starring Senator Thomas Wright and The Blue Bulleteer. Then, reprinted from the black and white Paragon Publications original Fun Comics #1, it’s Nightveil in “Love/Death” A young boy’s attachment for his grandfather keeps the deceased man’s spirit trapped in his corpse, until NV convinces the boy to let go. Story and art by Bill Black, the first time this story has been seen in color. Finally, NV acts as host and narrator in a fantasy story called “First Night On The Job”, written by Phil White, and drawn by Alex Miclat. Special editorial and back cover photo of Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid-in color. Color cover by Erik Larsen. 1985