Sentinels of Justice #4


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FULL COLOR!!! With Stardust still not in her right mind, she may be more foe than friend, and Chromo back plotting with his Vardax shape-changing buddies to take over the entire Latimer Labs complex right under the noses of the Sentinels, what can the bad guys want with Dr. Carlos Jimenez’ Time Triangle- and what do Paragon’s old enemies The Kronons have to do with it? And right now, the man that Cap fears most is detective Harry Diamond, since his investigation may well hold facts on Paragon’s past that he won’t want to know. “A Blueprint For Revenge” is writtem by Bill Black, drawn by Erik(Amazing Spiderman)Larsen, and inked by Jim Sanders III. It guest stars Richard and Nikki Latimer, and reveals unknown secrets about Paragon’s origins. Then, a Commando D solo story, “While The City Sleeps”. A gangster and his too-smart gun moll use a weird, hypnotic other-dimensional that they call Mr. Morpheus to try to loot the city- ‘tll D-Man and Denny take them down. Written and inked by Bill Black,drawn by Erik Larsen- with splash page art by Mike Machlan and Jerry Ordway. Color cover by Erik Larsen, full color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1985.