Sentinels of Justice #5


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FULL COLOR!!! A Femforce crossover issue. Distraught with the thought that he may be nothing more than a Kronon-created pawn, Captain Paragon leaves the Earth to sort out his emotions. Back from an adventure with The Femforce, Nightveil returns to Latimer Labs just in time to mystically cure Stardust, and discover the Vardax/Chromo plot to infiltrate their headquarters. This is NO time for a whole NEW group of villains to jump into the fray- but look out for the minions of…The Black Shroud!! With Paragon missing, the Femforce jump in, and working with time-travel expert Dr. Carlos Jimenez, decide to go into the past to sort out Paragon’s secret. “Once Upon A Time”is written by Bill Black, drawn by Erik Larsen, and inked by Emil Novack. It guest stars She-Cat, Ms. Victory ,Richard and Nikki Latimer, Chromo, the children of The Red Butcher, Atoman and Janis Lawson. It has a GTS scene featuring a giant Ms. Victory robot. Then, a short back-up takes us all to the year 1871, as we begin to unravel the facts of what Captain Paragon has to do with… The Latigo Kid. Written and drawn by Bill Black. Color cover by Erik Larsen, full color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format, Printed in 1986.