She-Cat 1


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The Femforce’s own feline fury, She-Cat gets her own solo series as the physical changes in her manifested by the deteriorating bond with the human side that holds the cat-demon inside her in check cause her government bosses to begin viewing her as a security risk. Rather than face a cover-up and crackdown, she bolts the Femforce, to hit the road. Crossing paths with a psychotic killer and Captain Freedom, both are shocked to learn who sent the madman- but not before two are dead. Action, intrigue, blood, bullets, and a new costume, in “Stray Cat”, written and drawn by Billie Marimon, with inks by John(JLA)Dell. It guest stars General Gordon and Colt. Plus, a vintage Golden Age classic reprint- Nyoka The Jungle Girl in “The Deadly Photo”, reprinted from Charlton’s Zoo Funnies #10, with art by Paul Parker. Color cover by Marimon, interiors are black and white with graytones. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1989.