Superbabes #1



Due to demand, we have made a limited number of Superbabes#1 available on our AC Comics webstore. We only have a handful available from us. We urge you to buy these books from retailers  rather than from us!

AC’s new FULL COLOR ongoing series -SUPERBABES #1, starring The FEMFORCE is coming in July of 2019!! After almost TWO DECADES of doing black and white books exclusively, AC is venturing into COLOR COMIC BOOKS once again, with a new companion book to the long-running black and white FEMFORCE series and that is SUPERBABES. 32 pages, digital, printed on glossy coated-stock paper for a cover price of $5.95
Each issue of SUPERBABES will focus on the great heroines of AC Comics, starting with a FEMFORCE lead story, plus one or more backups starring individual FF members in solo action, and/or other (non-FEMFORCE member) AC heroines like STORMY TEMPEST, NYOKA, YANKEE GIRL, BLACK PHANTOM, MISS MASQUE and other guest-stars. This first issue features the two-part FEMFORCE saga, “Headhunter’s Wake”, an original FEMFORCE adventure written by Andrew Hawnt and illustrated by Javier Lugo and Jeff Austin. It brings the FF in conflict with mysterious visitors from outer space whose presence MAY threaten the safety of the Earth itself. When you see how the FF ends up dealing with the situation, we suspect you will be surprised!
FEMFORCE (One of the longest-running independent comic series of all time) chronicles the adventures of the super-team of Ms. VICTORY, NIGHTVEIL, SHE-CAT, SYNN, TARA FREMONT and STARDUST, and often focuses as much on the individual characters’ personal (and interpersonal) problems and foibles as it does their crimefighting exploits. FEMFORCE #1 debuted in 1985, and the next issue to ship (scheduled for August, 2019 release) will be #186.
The tried-and-true FEMFORCE concept was originated by AC Comic’s publisher Bill Black, and is currently overseen by EIC Mark G. Heike, an AC Comics editor since 1990, and Executive Editor Stephanie Heike, who has worked on the FF characters herself (as Stephanie Sanderson, back then) from 1991 to today. SUPERBABES #1’s “Headhunter’s Wake” story is the product of veteran creators as well. Having grown up reading the comic, scripter Andrew Hawnt has been writing FEMFORCE tales for AC since 2015. Dynamic penciler Javier Lugo drew his first FEMFORCE story for FF #150, back in 2009, and inker par excellance ( the man who maintains the consistent “look” of the cast) Jeff Austin started with AC on FEMFORCE #120, which was ‘way back in 2002! Jeff’s AC body of work is rapidly approaching 100 FEMFORCE stories, comprising nearly 1,000 pages of inked artwork!!
The SUPERBABES ongoing series will not affect the regular, 80-page black and white FEMFORCE quarterly, but is an additional FF- related titled added to the AC schedule. Although all stories in both books will be occuring (basically) in the same universe and timeline, there is no plan afoot to directly cross stories over from one title to the other.