Venture #1


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ALL COLOR!!! A new superhero anthology starring Bolt, the star-crossed former astronaut ,Mitch Cameron, possessed by mysterious alien energies that turn him into an unpredictable, interstellar powerhouse. No longer comepletely human, and shunned in fear by his felow man, the being known as Bolt retreats to the Moon. There, he is overwhelmed by mysterious spore people, and taken captive by a gray-skinned stranger who commands them. While on Earth, those who knew him have all but given him up for dead- all but his daughter, Becky. “Moon Over Miami” is written by Phil White, drawn by Erik Larsen, and inked by Jim Sanders III. Then, it’s the debut of a new group, Explorers, Ltd. Kevin Mondell, Stacey Williams, Fiona Page and Mike Nesmith are four super-powered heroes-for-hire just starting out. Written and drawn by Mark(Lobo)Propst, and inked by Jim Sanders III. Then, it’s high adventure with the dimension-hopping peace officer ( and Sentinels of Justice member ) Astron, as he searches Earth for his interdimensional enemies, the Tharn. Signs of Tharn activity in the Sahara Desert bear out, as they appear just in time to menace guest stars Tara (Femforce)fremont and her colleague, Janis Lawson. Only dimensionally- transporting the whole Libyan Sea to those parched lands can stop the monstrous Tharn sandworm. This untitled story is written by Bill Black, drawn by June(Power Pack)Brigman, and inked by Roy Richardson. Plus, a four-page preview of The Vic Bridges sketchbook, and a very special editorial dedicated to the late Charles Starrett. Color cover by Pat Broderick, color back cover photo of Charles Starrett. full color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1986.