Hero Hangout #1


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Hero Hangout #1 Bolt and the Multi-Bolts and the J-Squad!
When Bolt-possessed astronaut Mitchell Cameron was returned to Earth by the Femforce,(in Femforce 100) little did he know he would be stuck with four weird, alien versions of himself- Zerobolt, Blazebolt, Flexibolt and Rumblebolt. They get into more hilarious trouble than you can imagine- even if Cameron’s daughter Becky does think they’re fun. “A Cute Condition” is written by Bill Black and Brad Gorby, with art by Gorby and Mark Heike. It guest stars Stardust of the Femforce. This book is a flip-book with the J-Squad! Color cover by Brad Gorby, interiors are black and white with graytones. 24 pages, 61/4″ X 83/4″ topfolding flip-book format. Printed in 1998.