Venture # 3


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COLOR!!! Special 44 page issue dedicated to The Durango Kid. Speeding through space in pursuit of the Enigma Cloud, Bolt is captured yet again, this time by the gorgeous lady space pirate known as Black Blaze. Meanwhile, light years away, Mitchell Cameron, inside the aforementioned cloud, is conscious and free- but what good will come of that, now that ‘Blaze has stolen Bolt’s Star Crystal? “Red Diamonds” is written by Phil White and Bill Black, drawn by Tom Grindberg, and inked by Grindberg and Black. Then, Explorers, Ltd. balk at their employers’ demands that they act like respectible superheroes, while interpersonal tensions on the team begin to strain. This is no time to have to face a couple of supremely-powerful mystical types, but that’s just what happens. This untitled story is written, drawn and inked by Mark Propst. Next, a twelve-page photo and text section on Charles Starrett, the big screen’s Durango Kid. It includes an extensive interview with Starrett conducted by Bill Black. Finally, a guest-feature starring the Faze-1 Fazers; “The Final Faze”. Dr. Franklin Faze narrates the story of the first group to encounter the mysterious, super-power-inducing Meteorite X, and the dire consequences therin. Written and drawn by Vic Bridges, inked by Ralph Cabrera and Dell Barras. Color front cover by Tom Grindberg and Mark Beacham, color painted back cover of The Durango Kid by Bill Black. 44 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1987.