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ALL NEW!! NOT A SINGLE PAGE OF REPRINTS!!! As an answer to years of reader’s clammoring, AC’s buxom, star-spangled crime-fighter Yankee Girl gets her own title!! In the lead feature, problems arise when not one but FIVE YGs pop up at various crime scenes- and not only bust up the capers, but take off with the loot, as well. Sounds like the work of Yankee Girl’s arch -nemesis, The Vulture. Find out for sure in “Too Many Yankee Girls”, with story and pencils by Bill Black, and finished art by Jeff Austin. Plus- there’s a newly-drawn, never-before-told “retro” tale of Yankee Girl set in 1946- “Modred The Man in Modern Times”!! The scourge of Camelot comes to post-war America to bedevil Merlin’s greatest accolyte, Yankee Girl- and the social register will never be the same!! Story and inks by Bill Black, and pencils by L. P. Guidry. Plus, and indepth character profile and heroine history on the character by Mike Brown. Black and white with color covers, 36 pages, 6 1/8″ X 10″. Printed in 2003