Cat-Man Ashcan 1

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Holyoke Comics top costumed crimefighter of the Golden Age returns in a pair of beautifully reprinted stories featuring the Feline Fury and his youthful aid, Kitten. “Larceny in Liquid”, with art by Charles Quinlan is from Catman Comics #20, and involves one of the Cat’s two top adversaries- Mr. Peccary. The second story, (untitled) comes from Catman #30, and is drawn by the great Bob Fujitani. It features our hero’s other great opponent, Dr. Macabre, wherin the good doctor teams up with two larcenous and mad sisters, and a team of murderous, trained gorillas. Also, you get an Alan Mandel-drawn adventure of the costumed crimefighter known only as The Hood. It originally saw print in Catman Comics #20. Color cover by fan-favorite L. B. Cole, it also has a frontis sketch by Brad Gorby. Interiors are black and white with graytones. 6″ X 81/2″ compact comic format. Printed in 1995.


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