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Check out another heaping helping of rare comic book history in the latest installment of the most important Golden Age reprint anthology ever produced; Men of Mystery #87!
You’ll start off with a never-before-reprinted adventure of the original Fox Features BLUE BEETLE in a story drawn by the underrated Sam Cooper from Big Three #2. Thrill to the dashing Beetle’s duel with the grotesque Porky Hogg! Next, BB’s Fox compatriot from Mystery Men Comics (issue #6, to be exact) The GREEN MASK swings into action to save a beautiful blonde from a gang of spies. Then, it’s a rare treat- a 16-page adventure of one of the STRANGEST costumed heroes of the Golden (or any) Age, The MAD HATTER!! Ruthles ganster Frank Faro’s mind ends up in the body of a gorilla, and it’s up to the poerty-writing ‘HATTER to bring him in, in a weird and disturbing tale drawn by the always-moody John Giunta. Then, it’s one of the few WWII costumed heroes to operate in Europe behind enemy lines, as Standard/Better/Nedor’s short-lived star of Thrilling Comics, The AMERICAN CRUSADER works to save “The Voice of Norway” in a story illustrated by Max Plaisted. Quality Comics’ classy miniature hero, DOLLMAN rings in next, with an adventure set among the Native Americans of the great Southwest, as illustrated by Bill Ward and Al Bryant. Then, Centaur Comics’ one-shot hero, SOLARMAN takes the stage, in a somewhat-wacky tale drawn by “The Real” Frank Thomas. Then, the BLUE BEETLE makes a return appearance; this time from his short-lived revival in the mid-1950’s, in a Ted Galindo/Ray Osrin drawn story titled “Rookie Trouble”!! Then, we leaf through the pages of Harvey Comics’ history, starting with an Ernie Schroeder-drawn adventure of SPIRIT of ’76 titled “Isle of the Monster Ape”, PLUS a Schroeder-drawn adventure of SHOCK GIBSON, originally seen in Speed #34. Finally, we explore one of the most interesting format experiments on the 1940’s comic book world, Pocket Comics, with FOUR full stories originally seen in Pocket #1: The origin of The PHANTOM SPHINX; the origin of The RED BLAZER (as drawn by Al Avison); the origin of The ZEBRA, AND the first appearance of the anti-hero known as SATAN!! (Please note that the art for the four Pocket Comics stories here in MOM are considerably LARGER and easier to see than the versions originaly seen in the color the ACTUAL Pocket Comics #1!!! ) A full 140 pages of vintage 1940’s costumed hero reprints in black & white with a full-color cover. Standard comic book size; saddle-stitched.


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