Nyoka the Jungle Girl 4

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New photo feature!! This issue’s new lead story is something special- not a line-drawn comic strip at all, but a series of photos shot and composed to tell a story!! Model/actress Laura Stafford portrays “Young Nyoka”, as she and her pet cat repell an alien invasion!! Unique, interesting and fun!! Three more classic Golden Age reprints fill out the vintage section, including “Perils in the Pyramids”, from Fawcett’s Master comics #92, June of 1948, as drawn by E. C. Comics great, Bernie Krigstein; “Jungle Ambush”, from Charlton’s Nyoka #20, and “A King’s Ransom”, from #21, both illustrated by Maurice Whitman. The text feature is a rundown of the first Nyoka serial, Republic’s 1941 Jungle Girl, written by Bill Feret- “A Legend Is Born”. Color photo cover of Laura Stafford as Young Nyoka, black and white back and inside covers of Kay Aldridge and Francis Gifford as Nyoka. Interiors are black and white with graytones. 44 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1989.



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One thought on “Nyoka the Jungle Girl 4
  1. Mark Holmes

    Athletic Francis Gifford in Jungle Girl, pretty Kay Aldridge in Tigermen, and of course the knock out Nicola Rae in the modern day adventures.
    Let’s not forget 17 year old Laura Stafford! Pretty face, beautiful hair and legs that didn’t quit. AC experimented with a Photo Comic back in 1989. Sometimes known as “fumetti”. I think I recognize that tree from page 4, Nicola Rae ducked behind it in 2009 in the Return of Nyoka movie.
    At the time I thought this was going to be the forefront of a host of special Photo Comics featuring all the AC girls. Alas it was not meant to be. On the editorial page readers were asked to write in and say what they think about the comic, I should have written in.
    AC revisits the Photo Comic with the Blue Bulleteer which can be downloaded from the CultRetro site. It’s in brilliant full color starring the lovely Maria Paris in an outrageous story and it’s full of special effects. The “pages” are composed to fit your computer screen so there is no scrolling up and down to read a standard page.
    A whole gallery of unnamed pretty actresses and models portrayed Nyoka on classic photo covers back in the golden age. Nyoka may be the most photographed comic book heroine in history.