Men of Mystery 63

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Nothing but the finest in Golden Age reprints, as always. This issue opens with another late- ’40’s classic DOLLMAN story, this one illustrated by the great Al Bryant. It is untitled, but in it the Diminutive Detective faces off with Dragg, Master Criminal and would- be Ruler of Men!! A typically-slick Quality Comics offering. Then, from Prize Comics’ Frankenstein #27, the one and only Dick Briefer writes & draws a grisly adventure featuring his unique take on the Mary Shelly creation in “Frozen Alive”!! BULLETMAN & BULLETGIRL join in an adventure strait out of Fawcett’s Master Comics; “Mysterious Coincidences”, as drawn by Bill Ward & Charles Tomsey. Then, it’s two certified RARITIES from the historic & well-storied (but seldom seen) Centaur Comics group- from Amazing Man Comics, it’s The SHARK, in “Vacation Time”, ans produced by Lew Glanz, older brother of long-time comics illustrator Sam Glanzman. The Shark is a unique take on the super-powered underwater character, and Glanz’ art style has charm & polish. Then, from Amazing Mystery Funnies, it’s Harry Sahle’s AIR MAN!! Another interesting approach to the Hawkman-type of flying hero, this one having debuted no more than a few weeks after DC’s iconic character. Interesting & unusual as well, since this character was pledged to fight crime from the air, but only as it occured on the high seas!! 52 pages og great vintage 1940’s action in black & white with color covers. Standard comic book size & format, printed in 2007.


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