Men of Mystery 73

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Another colossal collection of the cream of the Golden Age crop among the costumed comic-book heroes of that halcyon era!! It starts of with a stunning Mike Machlan cover featuring Fawcett Publications mysterious MR . SCARLET. His adventure within is “The Loot Of Christopher Murden”, as illustrated by Carl Pfeufer, originally seen in Wow Comics. Pfeufer also does art chores on this issue’s COMMANDO YANK story; “Death Rides a Swallow,” taken from Wow #58, in 1947. MAJOR MIDNIGHT must solve the mystery of “The Flying Tomb”, as drawn by Charles Tomsey, while IBIS The INVINCIBLE must “Battle The Moon Menace” in a story from Whiz Comics. We round out the package with three tales taken from Quality Comics’ library: LADY LUCK in “Brenda Banks-Killed”, by Klaus Nordling; T-MAN in “Girl With Doom In Her Hands”; by W. G. Hargis, and DOLL MAN versus the beautious Black Witch!! A full 64-page, Golden Age sized package- all full-length stories, reprroduced in black & white using state-of-the-art technology. Full- color covers, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2008.


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