Crypt of Horror #10


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Crypt of Horror #10

It’s yet another another huge selection of classic Pre-Code horror stories from the far-out 1950’s!! Behind a CLASSIC Frank Frazetta/Sid Check cover you’ll find 21 ghoulish masterpieces from the halcyon days of comic book horror, including these timeless selections: “Yawning Graves”, “Bridegroom, Come Back”, “The Invaders”, “Doom In The Tomb”. “After Death”, “Terror House”, “The Zombies’ Revenge”. “Mask Of The Murderer”, “The Living Head”, “Vampire”, “Voodoo Magic”, “Hands Of Darkness”, “The Face Of The Fiend”, “The Midnight Howl”, “I Killed Mary”, “The Book Of Doom”, “Anything Can Happen”, “The Cave”, “The Horror Of The S. S. Malabar”, “The Witches’ Curse”, and “Return From The Grave”. Art is by such luminaries as Steve Ditko, Alex Toth, Joe Maneely, Bill Everett, Kenneth Hughes, Tomy Tallarico, Dick Ayers, Bob Powell, Al Avison and Mo Marcus. Reprinted from comic books originally published by ACG, Avon, Mikross, Charlton, Harvey and others. 140 pages, standard comic book size, with full color covers and black & white interiors; saddle stitched. Released in 2011.