Crypt of Horror #9


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Comicdom’s premiere Pre-Code horror anthology is back for another round of vintage comic book scare tales, this time around built to showcase a full-issue reprint of the ultra-rare horror/sci-fi classic from Aragon Publications; Weird Tales of the Future #1!! Includes ALL SIX of the stories originally presented in that rarely-seen first issue; “Trip Into Space”, “Ten Thousand Years Old”, “The Ghouls Who Ruled The World”, “Super Rocket”, “The Time Has Come”, and “Survival of the Fittest”, all reprinted in crystal-clear black and white, using AC Comics’ state -of-the-art reproduction and recreation techniques. But thats FAR from all, as after WTOTF #1, there are still EIGHTEEN more spine-chilling stories in Crypt of Horror #8, including “Triumph Over Terror”, drawn by Alex Toth; “Man From Outer Space”, by Bob Powell; “Dead Reckoning,” by Steve Ditko; “More Deadly Than The Male”; “Love Story”, by Joe Maneely;”Under Glass”, by Bernie Krigstein; the frontice piece from Witchcraft #5, by Everett Raymond Kinstler; “Death At The Carnival”, by Harry Lazarus; “A Promise Kept”, by Joe Certa; “The Undetaker”. by Howard Nostrand; “Appointment With A Corpse”; “Volcano Doom”, by Rudy Palais; “The Reluctant Witch”, by Hi Eisman; “The New Tenants”, by Bill Everett; “The Ugliest Man In The World”, by Bill Molno; “The Boogey Man”, by Eugene Hughes; “Fatal Steps” , by Joe Ceta; “Silence!!”, by Don Rico & Dick Ayers, and “Phantom of the Seas”, by Paul Reinman. 140 pages of early 1950’s horror at it’s best!! Standard comic book size. black & white interiors with full color covers, saddle-stiched binding. Released in 2010.