Americomics #6


When truck driver Mike McCluskey is forced off the road by vengence-seeking gangsters, his injuries look fatal until an experimental injection of cell-regeneration virus by Dr. Judy Weissman not only heals him overnight, his coordination and sensory perception are increased, and he’s strong enough to lift a car. Adopting the guise of a long-missing masked vigilante, he becomes The Scarlet Scorpion, and wages war on organized crime on the East Coast. The ‘Scorpion would become one of AC’s mainstay superheroes, with a series of his own in Nightveil Comics, a two-issue flip-format book he shared with The Shade, and membership in the super group, The Sentinels Of Justice. Dark and gritty urban superheroics against a New Jersey backdrop. This untited story is the first AC appearance and origin of The Scarlet Scorpion, and is written by Rik Levins, with art by Levins and Kevin Dzuban. Guest starring Dr. Myla Chang and Inspector Trent. Then, Roger (The Shade ) Brant moves to sunny Florida to take a job with Fremont Industries. But not even a plane trip is uneventful for Brant, as an attempted highjacking of the airliner brings forth The Shade to dispose of the perpetrators. “Terror Flight

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