Big Uns : Giant Women on the Rampage #1


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Big Uns : Giant Women on the Rampage #1

Color painted cover by Brad Gorby- 40+ pages, black ans white, 7″ X 81/4″ This book was created to satisfy the snowballing fascination with giant-sized women, and we’ve got ’em wall-to-wall with 5- COUNT ‘EM-5 super-economy sized females-each one bigger and more beautiful than the one before!! You’ll see “Ty-raa”, the big, bountiful blonde freedom fighter from Earth’s antideluvian past- “Threeta”‘, three lovely young women who combine atoms to create one enormous, super-powered bombshell; “Ali Bastur And Her 40 Feet”‘a wish turned askew transforms an escaping thief into the bodacious, 40-foot djinn, Shakirbuuti; “Miscalculation”, which features a glamorous lady astronaut who grows into a gargantuan star when an experimental spaceflight goes wrong; and “Queen Drusilla”- an other-dimensional villainess comes to the Earth plain only to find her stature has grown tenfold. Stories and art by AC favorites Brad Gorby, Stephanie Sanderson, Mark Heike, Eric Coile and Tony Manginelli. Now in it’s Second Edition! With four extra pages with new pinups by Mark Heike and Stephanie Sanderson Heike! Originally published in 1999. Second printing 2011