Femforce # 137


Get ready for the next “big event


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THIS BOOK IS SOL:D OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE!! Get ready for the next “big event” in FEMFORCE history, as writer Chris Irving sets the table for same with a three chapter FF story comprised of: “Starcrossed”- wherin the beautiful Rurian FFer WE know as STARDUST meets up with a doppleganger (in name only) out of the 1940’s, STARDUST THE SUPER-WIZARD !! Whether he will be friend or foe remains to be seen, but Dusty need SYNN’s help to escape his clutches- and guess who catches the eye of the super-wizard? With art by Kurt Ruskin, Mark Heike & Jeff Austin. Then, in “Jungle Love”, SYNN’s unease at The SUPER-WIZARD’S unwanted attentions lead her (with SHE-CAT in tow) on an expedition to Jungle Island to unearth a long-lost love as an ally- which brings yet ANOTHER new/old guest-star into the fray. The mission is a success, but team numbers revert to status qou when SHE-CAT mysteriously disappears. Art by Nick Northey, Mark Heike & Jeff Austin. Then, NIGHTVEIL goes in search of SHE-CAT with FIREBEAM & MISS MASQUE to aid her, in “Daggerquest”. The quest in question leads to an ancient Egyptian tomb, and a battle with mummies, but DOES net them a clue to SHE-CAT’S wherabouts. Then, it’s the thrilling conclusion to last issue’s illustrated text story by Paul Monsky & Ed Coutts, “The Victor and the Vanquished”. This concluding chapter is entitled: “Judgement by Sunset”. Then, hang onto your socks (and turn over your copy) as the special “flip-book” format of FF debuts this issue!! The other half of FF #137 (complete with great cover art by Stephanie & Mark Heike ) is: GARGANTARAMA #1!! Hot on the heels of the ultra-successful GARGANTARAMA DVD video, this great new title will focus on giant woman subjects of all kinds , this issue with a FEMFORCE flair, as cover feature TARA (TOO TALL ) FREMONT stars in “Cinderblocked”, by Chris Irving, Julio Cesar, Mark Heike & Jeff Austin. A business rival of Tara’s father blackmails the raven-haired beauty into searching below Jungle Island (man, that’s a BUSY spot this month) for an ancient object of great power WITHOUT being able to use her growth ability against him; but after braving various perils, Tara uses her head to figure out a way to upset his rowboat in a BIG finish. Then, AC Comics great Brad Gorby contributes a top-flight GTS script, on “Home Grown”. A farmer’s voluptuous young daughter fends off the amorous advances of a sleazy loan officer by using the unexpected side effects of her father’s super-growth agricultural fertilizer. Art by Mark Heike & Jeff Austin. And finally, a down-on-his-luck wrestling promoter takes the advice of a mysterious Asian advisor and finds the ratings on his wrestling shows growing proportionally with the size of his lady wrestlers in “G. R. O. W.” It’s big, beautiful babes growing even bigger and fighting!! What more could you want? Script by Mark Heike, with art by Tim Doe. Femforce #137/Gargatarama-The Comic Book #1 is (in total) 52 pages, black & white with color covers, standard comic-book size and format; saddle-stitched & printed in 2006. It is produced in a flip-book format, so that the front half is comprised of Femforce #137, flip the book overand the other half is Gargantarama- The Comic Book #1.