Big Uns : Giant Women On The Rampage #2


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Big Uns : Giant Women On The Rampage #2

Yes, it’s finally here- the SECOND great issue of the top GTS comic book anthology of all time!! Beautiful, glamorous, dominant, exotic ans savage, you’ll find giant, marauding women of all types here, in spectacular economy-sized action!! Back from the historic first issue of this ground-breaking title, you’ll see Queen Drusilla; the cruel and merciless would-be conqueress from another dimension- and if anyone has EVER drawn a giantess getting larger than Big D does in this story, we’d like to see it!! With art by spectacular new talent, Gilberto Borba. You’ll also see the conclusion of the Isis online text promo serial- but here, done up in stunningly graphic comic-book fashion, by the titanic Jeff Austin. See Iris Clark take her towering revenge on tiny tormentors in the Cairo harbor; swatting aircraft like mosquitos, and tossing ships around like bathtub toys!! Then, “what if” Stan Lee and Jack Kirby had done a “good girl art” giant women staory, back in their early-1960’s, “goofy monster book” phaze? Well, it might’ve come out a lot like “I Awoke Zazurra…The Untamed!!” , story and pencils by Stephanie Sanderson-Heike, with inks by Bill Black!! A stone giantess comes to life, and it will take the quick thinking of a pair of young explorers to stop her rampage. Also, a beautiful and innocent archeology professor turns into a skyscraper-sized, unthinking engine of destruction against her will, and lays waste to a city, in “Statue Got Me High”, with story and art by Mark G. Heike. Then, European masters of the graphic arts, Enrico Teodorani and Silvano (with help from inkers Bill Black and Mark Heike) bring forth “The Legend of Thunderstep”, as a stunning young Native American girl taps into the size-changing powers of an ancient elemental diety to stave off giant-sized threats to the environment in the American Southwest. Five big features, all-new, never-before-seen material. 44 pages, black and white with colr covers. 9 7/8″ X 5 7/8″ size, standard comic book format. Printed in 2004.