Bolt and Starforce Six #1


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Cosmic s-f superhero action as astronaut Mitchell Cameron encounters the mysterious Enigma Cloud on a space walk, and becomes…Bolt! See his origin and first encounter with earth forces in a gripping tale written by Bill Black, with art by Rod (G. I. Joe) Whigham and Roy Richardson. The Bolt lead feature crosses over with the book’s co-stars, The Starforce Six as the earth’s ambassarors to the stars(Samson, Belladonna, Morning Fawn, Gard, Buckeye and Kate.) use all of their super abilities to try to stop the former NASA spaceman now turned alien powerhouse, in “Enter the …Starforce Six” by Bill Black, Ben Smith and Phil White, with art by Jim Sanders III and Willie Blyberg. This book features the first appearances of both Bolt and ‘The Six, and sports a spectacular cover by Steve Lightle and Jerry Ordway. It is full color throughout, in standard comic book format. Printed in 1984.