Crypt of Horror #12


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The latest entry in comicdom’s premiere horror comics reprint anthology is here- Crypt of Horror Volume 12, bigger and better than ever!! As always, 140 pages of the BEST Pre-comics code horror shockers from the comic books of the 1950’s; this issue with a special dual focus on a pair of the finest artists to come of age during the period, JOE KUBERT and WALLY WOOD!! This special collection includes seven full stories drawn by Kubert, including “Cat’s Death”, “Heritage of Horror”, “Map Of Doom”, “Picture Of Evil”, “Northern Horror”, “The Abduction Of Harry Twigg”, and “Curse Of Khar”; and four tales illustrated by Wood-“The Thing From The Sea”, “The Painted Beast”, “The Repulsive Dwarf”, and “Weapon Out Of Time”. No one handles moodiness, shadows and suspense as well as these two. Much of their work for larger publishers (DC in the case of Kubert, EC for Woody) has been celebrated & reprinted elsewhere, but you’ll not find THESE rare gems from the smaller publishing houses anywhere else! But that’s not all! This entertainment-packed treasure-trove also boasts an additional TEN more stories, by such varied creators as Bill Everett, Harry Harrison, Alex Toth, Harry Lazarus, Bob Powell and Kenneth Landau. Stories include”The Vampire’s Fare”, The Trainer”, “Epitath”, “Life Insurance”, “Payment In Full”, “True Zombies Of History”, “Within The Tomb”. “I Was A Teenage Weird Wolf”. “Grip On Life”. and “Man In The Hood”. All totaled, it’s twenty-one complete stories, in glistening, state-of-the-art black & white reproduction, featuring stories originally published by Avon, St. John, Harvey, Charlton, ACG, Fox Features, Standard/Nedor, and others. Full color covers, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2011.