Crypt of Horror #13





Crypt of Horror #13 Sold OUT!!!

The latest- and GORIEST- selection of classic horror reprints in this acclaimed series celebrating the great horror comics of the past. Normally, this title confines itself to the exploration of the Pre-Code scaries out of the comics of the early 1950’s (and there are PLENTY of those here, too), but this edition of COH carries a special focus on the stomach-churning offerings from publisher Myron Fass’ Eerie Publications of the 1970’s. Students of the horror comics genre consider this some of most bizarre, twisted material ever to appear in comic book form on the newstands. Included here is a representative sampling of half a dozen of Eerie’s worst, including “Yeech!”, drawn by Human Torch creator Carl Burgos, and four Dick Ayers-illustrated tales; “I Chopped Her Head Off”, “Corpse For A Coffin”, “The Tomb”, and “The Witches’ Revenge”. Eerie Publications low-rent periodicals were actually magazine-sized black & whites, meant to compete with the Warren Publications and Marvel B&Ws of their day, and were not required to adhere to the standards of the Comics Code Authority (which was in power in the 1970’s, when these stories were originally published), hence they are far more violent and disturbing vthan any four-color fare. Be warned. Of course, if it’s classic comic book horror you’re looking for (as if THAT wasn’t strange enough ), there is a healthy (perhaps that’s not REALLY the right word) helping of that this issue, too. Eerie publisher Fass himself (also an artist) is represented by a tamer (but no less twisted) offering from the ’50’s; “The Thing In The Pool”; two vintage ACG thrillers (both of which are “artist unknown”) “The Floating Coffin” and “The Million-Year Monster”; a Steve Ditko spooky tour-du-force; “Stretching Things”; plus “The Vampire’s Bones”. From Mikross’ Publications Mr Mystery, “Medusa’s Head”; and from Fawcett’s This Magazine Is Haunted #4, “The Blind, The Doomed and the Dead”, illustrated by Bob Powell. There’s also “No Rest For The Dead”, and “The Werewolf of Warham Manor”, drawn by Mo Marcus; Lou Cameron’s “She Stalks At Sundown”, “Satan’s Demon’, “Corpse in the Coffin”, and “Fiend of the Undead”- nineteen spine-chilling stories in all- PLUS a gallery of “Fass’s Fetid Faces”, as drawn by Chic Stone, and rememberances of Fass and Eerie Pubs by Publisher/Editor Bill Black. All new cover art by John Nadeau! 140 pages in all, standard comic book size; black & white saddle-stitched with full color covers. Released by AC Comics in 2011

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