Crypt of Horror #22


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CRYPT OF HORROR Volume 22 is NOW AVAILABLE!! It’s true, comicdom’s top Pre-Code horror reprint anthology is back with another big issue bursting at the seams with the rarest, most esoteric scare comics of the 1950’s!! 21 full stories in all, plus two one-page featurettes !! Some of these tales are SO obscure and rare, we don’t know WHO created them- and in some cases we don’teven know exactly WHERE they were published!! How’s THAT for hard-to-find material ?! One thing we are certain of is that COH #22 contains a quartet of stories from Quality Comics’ Web of Evil #11- “The Moulder of Doom”, “The Face From Hell”, “Buried Alive” and “The Monster They Couldn’t Kill”!! From Mister Mystery Comics comes “Henpecked” ( with art by the distinctive Eugene Hughes); and “Hunger”; Avon Comics’ Eerie #16 is represented with a Louis Ravelli classic titled “A Honeymoon of Horror”; and “Introducing The Devil” comes from All New Comics, of all places; and Fawcett’s This Magazine Is Haunted was the original venue for this issues’ “The Coffin Maker”. A duo of disturbing dramas come by way of a pair of Superior Comics’ titles: from Strange Mysteries #7 comes “Fit To Die”, and from Journey Into Fear #2, it’s “Night Screams”!! Beyond that, this issue offers “Imperial Double ” by that master of the surreal, Steve Ditko; “The Heat’s On” by Russ Heath, “Bride of Doom” by Jay Disbrow; “Insane!”; “Only Evil Need Fear The Bogey Man”; “Haunted Hamlet”; “Fenton’s Face” bya young Gene Colan; another grisly Eugene Hughes saga, “Hatchet Man”; “Hallucinations”; “He Who Laughs Last Gets…Horselaugh”, drawn by Joe Certa, and “Charlie”- all adding up to more than enough classic panelological mayhem to keep you from sleeping at night!! All are full-story reproductions in crystal-clear black and white, using the best methods of print reproduction currently available anywhere. 140 pages, black and white interiors with full color covers, standard comic book size, saddle-stitched, for $29.95. Priinted in 2014.