Crypt of Horror #6


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Crypt of Horror #6

Pull up a tombstone and get ready for another hair-raising read with this latest collection of Pre-Code horror comics goodies, as host LON MADNIGHT presents a whopping 21 full stories from the fear-filled 1950’s!! Behind a Lee Elias cover this issue features a quartet of Bob Powell illustrated screamers including “The Girl of the Moompool”,”Happy Anniversary”, “The Museum”, and “The Shrunken Skull”; “Look Homeward, Werewolf” as drawn by MortLawrence; Harry Lazarus’ “Curse of the Vampires”, “The Polka-Dot Man”, by Dick Ayers; “Werewolf Beware” by Don Heck; “A Beast Is In The Street”, by Jack Kirby; “Demon Flies” by Joe Certa; “Ju-Ju” by Syd Shores; plus “The Ugly Duckling”, “The Way To A Man’s Heart”, “Operation-Monster”, “Swamp Monster”, “rat-Trap”, “The Gossips”, “Twin of Terror”, “Valley of the Scaly Monsters”, “The Shrieking Terror”, and “The Healer and the Heel”- 120 pages of scary classics in all, stories reprinted from a varity of defunct publishers including ACG, Ace, Charlton, Prize, Aragon and others. Reprinted in crystal-clear black & white using state-of-the-art reprographic techniques. Standard comic book size, color covers, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2009.