Faze One Fazers #3





The Fazers try to walk a fine line on the planet Lizzar, making allies of the aliens who hate the evil Repta Supreme, and convincing his allies that they mean no harm.They know a trap must be in store for them, but when will it be sprung? “The Rescue” , by Vic Bridges with Bill Black and Leo Laney. Then, “The Third Faze” relates the tale of how the mysterious alien Floid came to Earth in the guise of a meteor, came into the possesion of Dr. Franklin Faze, and was the basis for the super powers gained by Springer and all the rest of the Fazers. Written and pencilled by Vic Bridges, with inks by Rafael(Ralph)Cabrera. Color cover by Vic Bridges, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1985.