Femforce # 122



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“Superbabes” Part 3 of 3. From out of the past , “Terror Brings The Muckman!!” The fabulous Femforce (with this issue’s spotlight on Ms. Victory, Synn, Stardust and Tara.) find themselves at Carteque Labs, home base of featured guest-stars Rocketman and Jet Girl , facing off against the sickening spawn of Dr. McNabb at his/it’s slimiest. When a maleavolent terrorist operative is thrown in the mix, can even special cameo guest Fighting Yank help the forces of right prevail? Lots of superb GTS action with the FF’s resident giantess, “Too Tall” Tara. Story and pencils by Wildman Bill Black, with spectacular ink finishes by Jeff Austin. Then, it’s a blast from the past with a superb, never-before-reprinted gem straight out of the Golden Age; Miss Victory in “Death in Molten Steel”!! Beautifully reproduced from a rare issue of Holyoke Comic’s Captain Aero, this Nina Albright-drawn drama pits the beautiful Miss V. against Nazi sabatuers in a Pittsburgh steel plant. Then, for the first time in print ANYWHERE, it’s Chris Irving (writer/inker) and Chris Samnee’s (penciler) beautiful Nazi-basher, Miss Scarab!! This super-powered superheroine awakes from an enchanted slumber dating back to an ancient Egyptian dynasty, right into war-torn 1942, to fight for freedom!! Then, the “Superbabes” mini-series’ last guest-feature- American Star, written by Wizard magazine’s Brent Erwin, with art by David Ellis and Rusty Gilligan. This patriotic retro superwoman takes on her Fascist doppleganger, Reich Star in “Star Light, Star Reich!” Four top-flight stories featuring the best in daringly devine action heroines. 44 pages, black & white with color covers, standard Femforce format. Printed in 2003