Femforce # 126


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Cover pencils by Bill Black, inks by Mark Heike. “Totally Absorbed,” script by Bill Black, pencils by Jeff Austin, inks by Jeff Austin; A new kind of muck menace, Muckman, threatens, as Synn, Tara, Stardust & Ms. Victory find out what happens when you leave the leftovers out too long. “New York City, September 9, 1952,” script by Chris Irving, pencils by Tommie Smith, inks by Mark Heike; A blast from the past with the Snarling She-Cat in a solo story set in the 1950s; ‘Cat meets up with another feline-powered female, Bastis; Is she friend or foe? “Obsession Is More Than a Fragrance,” script and art by Don Seacrease; An old friend returns-Colt, the Weapons Mistress-but an old foe is with her: the villainous Dollface! “There Is No Place Like Home,” script by Pedro Angosto, pencils by Carlos Rodriguez, inks by Vincente Cifuentes; The first modern-era revival appearance of Golden Age characters Man O’ Metal, The Lightning, Yarko, The Twister, Green Mask, Samson, Music Master, Lady Fairplay, Twilight and Black Fury -the Century Club. 44 pgs., B&W. Cover price $6.95.