Femforce # 140


All the divergent plotlines touched on over the last 15 issues come to a head as a group of super-powered antagonists (including a member of the FF gone bad) under the control of a power-mad alien threat from decades past have lured The FEMFORCE to a secluded spot for a final showdown. This issue’s lead story is the first half of writer Chris Irving’s opus, “Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

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Stories by Chris Irving, Mark Heike, Enrico Teodorani, Bill Black, Stephanie Heike, and Chad Halcom. Art by Larry Guidry, Guillermo Sanna, Jeff Austin, Rob Landsley, Uroboros, Stephanie Heike, Mark Heike, and Chad Halcom. Flipbook cover by Uroboros. AC Comics presents the adventures of their all-female superhero team. In battle with Stardust the Super Wizard, Nightveil loses her superpowers; Rio Rita fights fascists in a Mexican town during World War II; In the Gargantarama #4 flipbook, the Femforce tries to stop supersized Betty Blake. Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself!; Rio Rita: Dark Angel; Bedtime for Garganta, Side Effects May Vary, Great Is My Grief. 40 pages, B&W