Femforce # 151


It’s milestone atop milestone this issue, as AC COMICS officially celebrates 25 years of publishing with the BIG 150Th issue of it’s landmark FEMFORCE comic book series.In the history of the medium, only a select few comic book titles have reached the 150 mark, and even fewer publishers have been able to stay in the comic book business for as much as a quarter century, so AC does the celebration up right, introducing the ALL-NEW 84-page format for FEMFORCE with this special DOUBLE-SIZED issue, sporting TWICE as many pages (with EVERY ONE ALL-NEW, and never-before-seen!! Not a SINGLE reprint!!) as a regular issue.!! Inside a cover drawn by AC publisher (and FF creator) Bill Black, the climax of the long-running “Death of Stardust

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ANOTHER blockbuster 84-page issue of all-new stories, art and surprises!! First off, a simple trip to the grocery store turns into an all-out brawl between Ms. VICTORY and SHE-CAT when the leader of the FF learns the truth about ‘Cat’s newest conquest. SYNN tries to be the peacemaker, but when her powers go horribly out of control, lives are threatened in “Breakdown”, scripted by Stephanie Sanderson-Heike, with full art by Jeff Austin. Then, a recovering STARDUST returns to her consulting job at NASA, with orders from Ms. V to avoid any unsupervised hero work until she is completely recovered from her recent ordeal offplanet. But, when the lumbering Macheteer escapes from prison, it’s STARDUST to the rescue in “Back On The Job”, written by Mark G. Heik, penciled by Rik(Captain America)Levins, and inked by Jeff Austin. And, when an alien civilzation asks Earth to be diplomatic mediators in a dispute over colonization with another life form; MS. V, Dusty, SHE-CAT, and TARA- along with guest-stars GARGANTA. JET GIRL and MICROMAN go across the galaxy as peacemakers in “A Matter of Scale”, written by Eric Johnson; with art by Chris Allen and Jeff Austin. Then, it’s a blast from the past with a previously-untold “retro” story of the FF from WWII, as they meet up with guest-writer David Watkin’s super-group, The Union Of Justice, in a story titled “And A Vulture Shall Kill Them”, with art by Scott Larson and Jeff Austin. STORMY TEMPEST returns this issue, in the debut episode of a great new solo series, written by comics great Len Stazewski, and art by the aforementioned team of Larson and Austin. After her attemted assasination of Richard Gordon in FF #149, the vigilante from the future is sprung from prison by a mysterious, unknown benefactor in “Living In The Past”. Plus, Mauricio Hunt’s teenage superheroine Kinetics is back, as she loses in pitched battle to an armored, female opponent, and is captured by a mysterious cabal. Then, turn the book over, flip it upsidedown and get ready for GRAGANTARAMA-THE COMIC BOOK #14!! This issue leads off with a return-engagement with Eric Johnson’s professional GTS heroine Fantasia, in 1-900-Giantess: Service Outage. When a hostage situation erupts in a no-service area for Fantasia’s cell-phone, she must get creative with the locals to conjure up enough super-types to save the day. Script by Eric Johnson, with art by Giancarlo Carcuzzo. Then, it’s a double-dose of that gentle giantess, ROWENA as she continues on her quest to return to her homeland of Lornak. In Chapter 2 (with script by Eric Lindberg, and art by Rock Baker and Richard Scott) of “The Eye of Imir”, she makes an ally in the faerie kingdom of Keelah; while in Chapter 3, ( written by Eric Lindberg, with art by Rock Baker and Mark & Stephanie Heike ) she comes face-to-face with the terrifying dragon, Dagmar Ironhide!! Finally, WW II’s most beatiful, giant-sized axis-buster DINOSAUR GIRL uncovers a ruthless gang of nazi giantesses with a fiendish plot to dust the Allied countries with a chemical powder fatal to all male humans in “South Seas Sabotage”, with story and art by Rock Baker, and inks by Jeff Austin. In total, it’s 84 pages of all-new black & white story and art inside a pair of full-color covers, standard comic book sized and saddle-stitched. Released in 2010.