Femforce #184


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Femforce #184 is now available!!

Ever since we introduced the enigmatic BLITZFRAU some time ago, everyone has wondered just who she is and where she came from. Well, this issue’s lead story “Remembering A Day” (written by Mark & Stephanie Heike with art by Javier Lugo and Jeff Austin- guest starring The BLONDE BOMBER) will begin to fill in the blanks. Then, SHE-CAT hits on another piece of a long-running puzzle as she unknowingly busts up a major cell belonging to a developing menace in “Hiding In Plain Sight”, written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Florentino Cuevas II and Jeff Austin. Ms. VICTORY must avert a chronal disaster arising from the rivalry of two renegade scientists in “Now Is Then”, written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by spectacular newcomer Johannes Vick. Remember the race of undersea creatures the FF ran into back in #175? Well, they’re back this issue looking for TARA in an offbeat tale written by Andrew (him again?) Hawnt with art by Dan Gorman and Jeff Austin. Our three-issue continuation of that decades-old NYOKA comic book serial comes to a conclusion this issue with “Hiss Of The Hooded Serpent”, written by Bossman Bill Black, with art by Dave Matsuoka. Guest-stars abound in this one, including a retro appearance by the BLONDE BOMBER, and the COPPERHEAD!! STARDUST faces off against the dangers of an otherworldly being split into two separate entities in “I, Them” by Andrew Hawnt. Can the two disparate personas be reconciled before a cataclysmic explsion destrots the Earth? Illustrated by Francesco Savi. Ms. VICTORY plays an encore solo engagement this issue, as a hospital visit to an old comrade leads to the breakup of a secret weapons lab in “To Serve Many”, written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Jacob Bear. All this PLUS two tales never before seen in FEMFORCE: QUEEN DRUSILLA in “Multi-World Tour”, written by Eric Johnson with art by Dan Gorman, Jeff Austin and Mark Heike, and ROWENA in “Rise Of The Dark Lady”, script by Eric Lindberg and art by Brian Dunphy and Scott Shriver. A full 76 pages of art and story, black and white with full-color covers, printed standard comic-book size and saddle-stitched, $9,95 from AC Comics. Printed in 2018.