Femforce # 39


She-Cat’s bond with “young

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She-cat’s bond with “young” Octavia Howard may be weakening, as ‘Cat is plagued with nightmares of blood. Tara is filled with regrets – when Jungle Island was wracked with upheavil during the just-passed Shroud War, her long time friend and colleague Janis Lawson disappeared. Now peace reigns and everything is back to normal, but Janis is still missing. Another night, and a She-cat more feral than ever, is on the prowl. Can Nightveil stop here before she takes a life? “Burn In My Bed” is written and layed out by Bill Black, with finishes by Mark Heike. It guest stars Rocketman and Jet-girl, Miss Masque and Yankee Girl. Then- back in the fabulous ’40′s, Blue Bulleteer hears a radio challenge from “The Black Commando”. Desparate to learn the truth, nothing will stop her from taking up the gauntlet. But, another has heard the call- and when She-cat and BB team up, they make short work of, and expose the phoney ‘Commando. This untitled story is written by Mark Heike, pencilled by Dick Ayers and inked by Chad Hunt. Guest starring Lady Luger. Color cover by Dick Ayers and Bill Black, interiors are black and white with graytones. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1991.