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The Capricorn Chronicles, Book Two: “Red Reign

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The Capricorn Chronicles, Book Two: “Red Reign” In the aftermath of the hurricane, a strange plague begins to slowly spread. It is Capricorn’s revenge-The Red Death!! Nightveil’s Cloak Of Darkness has drifted into the hands of a young Hawaiian refuge, with an unexpected result. And as young presidential hopeful Wendell Clanton rises in the polls, we notice he has a campaign manager who looks suspiciously like Alizarin Crimson, and a campaign contributor who seems to be a giant goat god! While searching for Nightveil in the Limbo Void, Synn meets the strange No-Nose Nanette, and Nightveil (whoever she is) is having trouble with her cloak. When Clanton’s followers hold an arcane ceremony, the object of sacrifice appears to be…Jason Burke?? Story by Bill Black, drawn by Brad Gorby, John Nadeau and Bill Black, and inked by Mark Heike. Guest starring Buckaroo Betty, and Rex Holt, his son and wife. (Who look suspiciously Like Roy and Dusty Rogers, and Dale Evans.) Color Cover by Mark Heike, interiors are black and white with graytones. This is the second part of a three-part storyline that was later collected into a trade paperback graphic novel titled “Capricorn Chronicles”. This book is standard comic book format. Printed in 1993.