Femforce # 72


FeFo#72 All Color!!! Proxima, The Rurian warlord behind the Earth-Rur war ( of issues 65-67 ) has been banished from her homeworld. Bitterly wandering through the spaceways, her drive conks out, and is forced to crashland on a desolate asteroid, the only inhabitant of which is a lone female Kronon. There are no more bitter natural enemies than Rurians and Kronons, but when Stardust inexplicably shows up, they find they have one thing in common- they hate Stardust!!. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Valkyra is on trial for her crimes committed in FF#62. When a sudden, strange burst of energy hits her, she breaks free, and inexplicably, not even Ms. V. can halt her escape. Written by Bill back, with Dave Roberts and Mark Heike, drawn by Brad Gorby and Dave Roberts, and inked by Mark Heike and Chris Allen. Guest starring the attorney, Rosenblum. Also- the spirit of Bruce Carter III now exists in the body of the late Craig Williams, and when that new person makes a late-night visit to BH Industries for a new costume, “Reddevil Meets The Fighting Yank

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