Femforce # 85


All Color!!! On Dhagor, Synn’s last-ditch stunt of getting both versions of Nightveil’s cloak to touch worked, as it not only set off an explosion that rocked the entire Dark Realm, but it changed NV back to normal and set them both rocketing through a dimensional wormhole. Snagged by something on their way, it is No-Nose Nannette, who reels them into The Limbo Void. As luck would have it, NV’s Cloak Of Darkness washes up there, too; back in one piece again, but infused with evil , and refusing to obey the Mystic Miss’ commands. In the horrifying Chamber Of Nightmares, we learn the origin of No-Nose Nanette, and her link to the villainous Ripjaw. Accidently knocking the hood of the Cloak onto Nightveil’s head, she finally regains control once more,and they leave Limbo for Earth, taking Nanette with them. “An Eye For An Eye…A Nose For A Nose

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