Femforce # 86


All Color!!! All along, attorney Gerald Rosenblum has sworn the man police have in custody in Miami is not Iron Jaw. Showing irrefutable proof to She-Cat and Crimebuster seems to bear that out. But after the man in custody is transferred to a Kentucky penal institution, the plot begins to unfold. At some point during the Miami gang war , Turk Nardozzi, alias Ripjaw, had begun impersonating Iron Jaw. Not just to keep Iron Jaw out of jail, but so he could get in-into the same correctional facility that Colt is serving her time in, to have his revenge on her. He has always blamed Colt for the gunshot that blew his lower jaw off years ago. When Ripjaw takes the warden hostage and demands Colt in exchange for him, the ex-heroine must comply. But with the entire Femforce team scattered across the globe(and beyond) on other missions, there is no one to help get Colt out of this tight spot except- General Roberta Strock herself. Airdropped into the prison, Strock goes into action and saves Colt singlehandedly, save for a bit of help from an unexpected source at the last second. “Breakout

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