Femforce Up Close #1


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The first issue of 1992’s landmark COLOR spin-off series from the popular FEMFORCE comic, with each issue focusing on one or two members and therir lives & histories. “For The Sake of What Should Have Been” revisits the origins of co-stars NIGHTVEIL & SYNN, as it explores the underpinnings beneath their unique friendship. When a government-sponsored former villain’s offer to “help” SYNN turns out to be a thinly-disguised plot to remove the unstable Girl From LSD as a potential threat, NIGHTVEIL countermands orders to save the naive girl’s existance. Guest-starring Jennifer Wayne-Burke ( The new Ms. Victory), Darkfire, Tom Kelly. Ms. Victory, The Black Commando, Atoman and The Keys. Script and inks by Mark Heike, with pencils by Dave Roberts. 32 pages, full color throughout. Standard comic book size, saddle stiched. Printed in 1992