Femforce Up Close #2


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FFUC#2 The Femforces’s alien member, Stardust is in the spotlight this issue, as the upheavil caused by the death of Jason Burke (in Femforce #50 ) leaves her puzzled, coming from a civilization on Rur that discourages the feeling and expressing of emotion in any form. With the help of Nightveil’s magic, she quickly takes a trip back to her homeworld, only to find the things she’s seen on Earth have her questioning her Rurian upbringing. Back on Earth, her budding relationship with David Burke may lead to more interesting revelations- but neither she nor David have considered the impact of gonzo video journalism!! “One Slip” is written by Mark Heike(from an idea by Christie Churms), drawn by Dave Roberts and inked by Jordi Ensign It guest stars Queen Reina and Proxima. Then, Dusty ruminates on her origin and enjoys a solitary celebration of her birthday in “Stardust Memories”. Story and layouts by Richard(The Count)Rome, and finishes by Mark Heike. (This story originally appeared in Femforce #26) Also, pin-ups by Chris Allen and Greg Horn. Color cover by Mark Heike, (from a design by Rik Levins) full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1992.