Femforce Up Close #7


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FFUC#7 The marriage of Jennifer Wayne Burke (the new Ms. Victory) and her husband David has been strained since she first gained super powers-but it still comes as a shock to her when she is served with divorce papers from him. When David suddenly disappears, the only way to settle their problems is for her to track him down-little knowing he’s being used as little more than bait by an old enemy. Also, General Gordon’s machinations finally catch up with Colt-and she is arrested. “On The Threshhold Of A Dream” is written by Mark Heike, drawn by Tom Simonton(his first AC work) and inked by Sonny Delos Santos, Nar Castro, Chris Allen, Manny Pantaleon and Mark Heike. It guest stars Joan(the original Ms. Victory)Wayne, Captain Tom Kelly, Colt, Umbra, and The Avenger. Full color cover by Brad Gorby and Mark Heike, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1994.