Femforce Up Close #8


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FFUC#8 A helpless dupe and on the run with Stella Stargaze for some time, the unstable giantess Garganta is finally found by Tara Fremont and the Femforce. Taking the misunderstood giant woman to her Jungle Island refuge for safe keeping, Tara hopes that she and her biotechs may figure out a way to shrink the GTS star down to normal size-and in the bargain, help Tara learn to control her own newfound growing powers. When a small cache of malignant energy left on the island by The Black Shroud’s occupation some months before causes local wildlife to mutate, the twin towers must fight for their lives. Good girl art, giant cat-fights and all sort of bikini’d size-changing mayhem abound in “Infestation From Space”, written by Drake Letcher, drawn by Jun Lofamia and Manny Pantaleon, inked by Jun De Filippe, Nar Castro and Sonny Delos Santos. It guest stars Ms. Victory, Madalyne Macabre, Synn, and She-Cat. Plus-Tara pinup by Gorby and Heike. Full color cover by Tom Simonton and Mark Heike, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1994.