Fight Comics #18


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This is the actual, vintage Golden Age comic book published by Fiction House Publishing in April, 1942. This 64 page comic is complete, and is an excellent example of the comics put out by T. T. Scott’s Fiction House line, one of the most successful publishing outlets of the Golden Age. This book showcases long-running Fight adventure strips like Shark Brodie, Strut Warren, Kayo Kirby and Chip Collins; the highlights are two rare costumed superhero strips, The Super American and Captain Fight. I am not a professional comic grader, I am simply selling some comics out of my collection, so I’m going to list this books’ defects as best I can. Please check the photos that go with this listing for more details on it’s relative condition. The awesome Dan Zolnerowich cover has multiple shallow ( (1/32″ to 1/16″) chips across the top along with three round “chew marks”, several into the word “two” in “Two Fisted Americans In Action”, up to within 1/4″ of the upper right corner, which is chewed away completely to almost 3/4″ down the right side. Also some small shallow chips/indentations down the right side, much less deep than across the top. Bottom right 1/8″ lower corner is also chewed away. More shallow chipping going up across the bottom, with 4-5 deeper tears ((1/8″ to 1/4″ deep) coming up out of that chipping. At the lower left corner, an irregular 1/2″ X 1/4″ chunk (at the spine) is gone in. Going up the spine, starting at the second staple, their are a number of chews all the way though the spine, and the cover is almost torn away at both staples , but so far it’s still holding. Very little gloss left on the cover, and there are several creases coming up from the bottom that do not “show white”. Interiors show some paper browning, with a crease in the lower right corner of the first two pages, 1/2″ in from the right to 2″ up from the bottom. All interior corners are well-squared; with some light staining at the top of the last page in the top margin. Back cover shows that top stain even darker, with some general “dirtiness” on the white and yellow areas of the back cover. There are more chips out across the top through the stained area, a 1/2″ tear down from the top near the right edge of the stain, as well as 3/8″ tear in from the left side about halfway down the back cover , a bottom left corner crease about 1/4″ in, and a 3/8″ X 4/5″ chunk out of the back cover at the base of the spine. A complete copy of a pretty rare vintage book.
Actual comic book cover was scanned flat to minimize light glare. If you need more photos, please ask.
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Mark G. Heike is best- known for his long association with AC Comics and especially his sexy girl artwork on the famous Femforce long running comic book, as well as comic book art in the 80’s and 90’s for publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, Big Entertainment, Chaos, Malibu, Top Cow and more, on features like Star Trek, Star Wars, Xena, She-Hulk, X-Men, Mantra, Nexus, Lady Justice, Aliens vs. Predator, TMNT, Bad Kitty, Witchblade and many others.

Stephanie S. Heike is known for Big Bang Comics from Image, Garfield from Boom Studios and 21st Centurions as well as several AC Comics publications

Mark and his wife Stephanie also have lots of other original pages and sketches, both published and unpublished, on a variety of characters- with “good girl art” for AC Comics a specialty. We also have comics including AC Comics comic books. If you’re interested in what else we may have, please ask us!
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