Green Lama #6




This is the actual, vintage Golden Age comic book Green Lama #6 published by Spark Publications in August, 1945. The 36 page comic is complete save for the last page of the interior signature (which would be the last page of the Lieutenant Hercules story on the front, and an advertisement for women’s hair care products on the back), which has been neatly razored out and is missing. The book stars The Green Lama, created by Spark publisher Kendall Foster Crossen, in “An American Story”, with art by the great Mac Raboy. Other strips include Boy Champions, Rick Masters, Angus Mac Erc and Lieutenant Hercules; with art by Perry Williams, Manny Stallman and others. I am not a professional comic grader, I am simply selling some comics out of my collection, so I’m going to list this books’ defects as best I can. Please check the photos that go with this listing for more details on it’s relative condition. The book was stapled slightly off center, so that both staples are clearly visible along the left front of the cover. There is no rust on them, but some spider-creases running from both, as well as additional spider creasing 1/8″ in from the spine about 7″ up from the bottom. There is a 1/1/2″ tear in the cover up from the bottom, through the word “Smashes” in the bottom blurb. That has been “repaired” with invisible tape on the INSIDE of the cover, so the tear will never go any deeper. The bottom right cover corner had at one time been bent; it has obviously been pressed since, as their is only the faintest of creases there now where the fold once was. Their are also 3 or 4 small white chips out of the cover surface along the bottom, and four faint blue ballpoint scribbles running from the ‘Lama’s elbow and his face on the cover. There is no real “gloss” to speak of on the cover (Though Spark Pubs covers were never very glossy to begin with), but the whole cover image is good and strong with no scuffing or additional tears. Both top and bottom right corners are good and sharp, with only the bottom left corner slightly rounded. Those excellent corner features carry throughout the whole book. Interior is solid, with very little browning of the paper itself. The only interior defect (other than the missing final page in the book) is some additional (again faint) ballpoint pen scribbling through panels 4 and 6 on the last page of the Boy Champions story. None of the defects affect the Green Lama story itself. Back cover is good and clean; once again the bottom left corner had once been folded (about 1″ in up from the bottom), but the crease is not very pronounced. Also an even more faint crease along the spine side of the BC running 1/1/2″ in from the bottom right corner up to about 4″ up the spine. All in all, a great-looking book if you don’t mind the missing page!

Actual comic book cover was scanned flat to minimize light glare, rest of book images for this auction were digitally photographed. If you need more photos, please ask.
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