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A tentacle of the evil Communist organization O.C.T.O.P.O.D. stretches out to slap Fighting Yank, America’s Ace Commie Crusher of 1954. This time Dr. Hedov Lenin unleashes “Mortho, giant killer Commie cockroach,” upon the unsuspecting seat of world democracy…New York City!! Rushing to Yank’s aid are the high-flying zip jets, Rocketman and Jet Girl, whose high-tech flit gun may be the big bug’s undoing, if they can remember to bring it!! Ever on the alert, the National Guard sends in it’s top commando unit… Major Phil Angry and his Hollerin Hellcats… to prompt a World War II flashback sequence! Blazin’ battle scenes with stimulatin’ conversation lead to a dramatic denouement after which General Jacob Kurtzburg of the U. S. Army mops up! Written and illustrated like the best comics you ever read in the scintillatin’ sixties, Hack Koilby (Eric Coile) dishes up a fun romp that will have even the most savage macho man howlin’ in his seat! If you think they don’t make comics like Stan and Jack did any more; well, troop-yes they do! A side-splitting send-up of AC’s take on Golden Age characters originally published by Standard/Nedor, Harry “A” Chesler, ME and others. With inks by Bill Black. Plus- an actual Golden Age Fighting Yank yarn drawn by Jerry Robinson and Mort Meskin, “The Shadow of Dismal Island” (Originally reprinted by AC in the now-out-of-print Golden Age Greats Volume 3.) Black and white with color cover, 40 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 2002.